Etosha Nationalpark Etosha Nationalpark
Etosha Nationalpark
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Etosha Nationalpark
Etosha Nationalpark
Etosha Nationalpark

Etosha National Park

The Etosha national park comprise a surface of approx. 22,000 km2 and was declared to a wildreserve in 1907 by the German-Southwestafrican government. In the center of the Etosha national park exist a vast salt pan, surrounded of grass and thorn savannas, Mopane-bush land in the west as well as dry wood in the north-east. About two million years ago, the salt pan was a gigantic lake, which was supply by the Kunene river and dried up later as a result of the change of the river bed bit by bit. The pan is mostly dry and has an endlessly effect in the shimmering heat. Especially in the southern section of the park, there are numerous waterholes which are the basis for the wildlife in the Etosha national park. The western section of the park is closed for usual visitors and only with a special permit to enter. The 3 camps in the accessible part of the park are Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni with a distance from approx. 70 km to each other.

Etosha Nationalpark
Etosha Nationalpark Okaukuejo
Etosha Nationalpark Halali
Etosha Nationalpark Namutoni


Etosha Nationalpark

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